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One of the strengths of our church is everyone’s willingness to serve, and that is a real blessing, but we are mindful that within our current capacity we are not able to simply take on a greater and greater workload.  Rather than taking on more and more, it is healthier to review ministry opportunities and then prioritise where our resources are focused.   

As such, we have decided to conclude regularly live-streaming our Sunday services, available on YouTube, indefinitely.  Our final regular live-stream will be Sunday 25 September.  You may be wondering: why would the live-stream stop?  This decision has not been made lightly.  We recognise that live streaming our Sunday services has a positive impact on those that view from their devices and that this decision will affect people, however we are looking forward to making more purposeful connections with them through our ministry.  If you are a regular online viewer, please contact our office ( to connect with us.  If you know of anyone who is watching online, please encourage them to contact us as well.


As you may have experienced yourselves through viewing our services online, it is difficult to cater to a live audience and an online audience simultaneously.  Concluding the live-stream allows us to: 

  • Move around the auditorium platform more freely 

  • Invite people to share and be vulnerable in a way that they may not feel comfortable doing when the content is being published for the world to see 

  • Create a more intimate environment for worship as we focus on the in-person experience and purpose of being part of our faith community. 


We appreciate your support and understanding as we continually commit to following the example of the early church who devoted themselves to the teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer. 

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