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God's youth movement

God's youth movement (GYm)​

GYM is the youth ministry of Monash City Church of Christ. It’s a fun and safe environment for high school students to build relationships and learn more about the Christian faith.

The purpose of GYM is to empower the youth of MCCOC to realize God’s full potential over their lives, in order that they may:

  • claim Christ for themselves.

  • have a genuine and loving relationship with Jesus Christ for all of eternity.

  • grow spiritually strong in Christ Jesus and be fully equipped against spiritual attacks (Ephesians 6:12).

  • be bold to proclaim Christ to those around them.


GYM is organised into 2 streams, GYM Weekly and GYM Monthly. GYM Weekly meets on Sunday mornings during the main Church Service (approximately 10:00am to 11:30am). GYM Monthly meets for a social event once a month. This ranges from Bounce, Bowling, Ice Skating, BBQ, etc.

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